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Monday, June 25, 2012

House Vote on Holder's #FastandFurious Contempt Charge May Be Overshadowed by Thursday's Obamacare Ruling

Today's CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing predicts that a possible Thursday vote in the full House on Eric Holder's contempt charge will be greatly overshadowed by the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare the same day:
With the Supreme Court set to rule on the health care law that morning, cable TV and Web coverage will be so all-consuming  for the rest of the day and afterward that — no matter whether the law is altogether upheld, totally struck down or somewhere in between — the House’s vote will have a nearly impossible time getting on the mental radar screens of millions of Americans. And there was a strong hint yesterday that the GOP thinks the distraction might be just as well, anyway, because the party doesn’t have its overall story straight anymore and is concluding that it’s better to get the focus back on the economy (and the next steps on health care) sooner rather than later.

Roll Call also noted the mixed messages that were sent on yesterday's Sunday news shows by Chariman Issa:
Chairman Darrell Issa went on three of the Sunday shows to defend his stewardship of House Oversight’s investigation of the calamitous Fast and Furious gun-walking operation — but then made news by totally contradicting the rationale for the hard-charge offered by Boehner, his reluctant partner in pushing the contempt vote. Issa said his panel has no evidence to support what the Speaker claimed last week, which is that Obama or his top aides were part of a scheme to mislead and that’s why Holder decided to assert executive privilege in not complying with parts of the panel’s subpoenas.

One of the bloggers who originally broke the Fast and Furious story questioned several months ago whether Rep. Issa was slow walking the contempt process because the GOP Leadership is not completely behind this action.  We'll know if Rep. Issa is serious about the contempt charge, and by extension if Boehner's recent comments on Fast and Furious was just hot air, if they do nothing after Thursday's vote, or if Issa goes to court as the advice given to him last week by lawyer and talk show host Mark Levin suggests should be the next step.

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