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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Choice is Clear - Support @GeorgeAllenVA

With former U.S. Senator George Allen's strong win in yesterday's GOP Primary, Virginia gun owners have a clear choice between a candidate who signed into law Virginia's Shall Issue Concealed Carry law, voted for the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act while a U.S. Senator, and who this year praised the repeal of Virginia's gun rationing law (Allen), and a candidate who tried to use taxpayer money to send supporters of the Million Mom March to Washington in 2000, who as Governor of Virginia vetoed repeal of the ban on concealed carry in restuarants like Applebees and Olive Garden, and who urged Governor McDonnell to veto repeal of gun rationing (Tim Kaine).

Now is the time for gun owners to get active.  Please contact the Allen campaign and ask how you can help Allen defeat Tim Kaine.

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