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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Richmond Finally to Host‏ @FriendsofNRA Event

After an all too long hiatus, the Richmond area will once again play host to a Friends of NRA (FNRA) Event. Once the home to one of the most successful Virginia FNRA events, the auctioneers went silent several years ago.  Attempts to restart events failed to generate the needed volunteers or attendees at local banquets in the area.

Late last year, NRA Field Rep. David Wells took on the task of rebuilding the Friends committees in the eastern half of Virginia.  Richmond was one of the areas he hoped to generate interest.  He and the folks with whom he has been meeting with over the last month have hit on the winning idea of coupling the new Richmond Friends of NRA event with the longtime Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen Show. The Outdoor Sportsman Show is a joint venture of the Virginia Deer Hunters Association and promoter Hugh Crittenden.

The new FNRA event will be held on Thursday, August 9th, the day before the start of the 29th Annual Outdoor Sportsmen Show, at the Richmond International Raceway Complex. Only 250 tickets will be sold for the event.  Crittenden is going to advertise the event in his sportsman show flyer.  Attendees of the FNRA event will receive a one day admission to the sportsman show.

The Richmond committee is also partnering with Green Top Sporting Goods who will act as the event FFL and will also provide a link for ticket sales on their web site.

It appears that the event is off to a great start.  If you live in the Richmond area and are interested in attending, tickets can be purchased online at 

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