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Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Have Positive View of NRA, Self Defense Laws - #NRAAM

The NY Daily News reported yesterday that a new poll shows a majority of Americans not only have positive view of the National Rifle Association, they also have a positive view of self defense laws that allow "deadly force" to protect your self and your family.
The Reuters/Ipsos survey, released Friday, shows 68% of respondents back the powerful, pro-gun rights lobbying group. There was a division among party lines with 82% of GOPers seeing the NRA in a positive light, versus 55% of Democrats.
The poll also showed that a whopping 87% of surveyed also support self defense laws.  A large number of the respondents, 87%, said they don't believe police could stop all crime and 77% belive "regular" people had to "step up" to prevent crime.

To show just how unimformed average Americans, or possibly the pollsters who created the questions, are when it comes to current gun laws, the poll also asked those surveyed if they support a law limiting "automatic weapons."  There already is a law the limits the sale of automatice weapons.  So, one has to ask, is the the typical media (since Reuters commissioned the poll) tactic of confusing semi automatic firearms with automatic firearms?

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