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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Two of the #NRAAM

As expected, day two has been busier than the first.  The exhibit floor has been packed since the doors opened.  A rainy day in St. Louis has likely helped drive people into the show.  Wayne LaPierre brought the crowd to its feet during the members meeting.  He hit familiar themes but he is always well received by NRA crowds.  Later on the exhibit floor, people crowded around to get a photo with LaPierre.

It wasn't hard to also spot constestants from History Channel's Top Shot taking in the the sights of the show.  Chris Reed from Season 2, as well as Eric "Izzy" Keyes, Greg Littlejohn, and Gabby Franco from Season 4.

Team shooters have been doing mini clinics at various firearm manufacturer booths.  Videos of these will be in upcoming issues of The Bullet.

It's back to the floor for the last few hours of the show.  VSSA coverages ends tonight as I have to return to Virginia tomorrow morning.  All of the interviews will be in The Bullet, as well as here on the blog in coming days.

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