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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Duke Lacrosse Déjà vu

Last month, an incident occurred in Sanford, Florida, that has grown into a full blown circus. It doesn't matter to the racebaters or the hordes of people clammoring on college campuses and other venues demanding justice that all of the facts are yet to be known. In fact, we were first told that this black teen, Trayvon Martin, was killed by a racist white male, George Zimmerman. But when the photograph of Mr. Zimmerman was published, we learn he is of hispanic decent. Not to be outdone, the media coined a new term - "white hispanic."

We also don't see current photos of the 17 year-old teen. We see photos of the teen taken when he was as young as 12 or 13. There is a narrative being told by those who want to politically exploit this incident that will only work if we are shown images of an innocent young boy. We also don't see recent photos of Zimmerman. The one here is a photo taken from one of his previous meetings with law enforcement.

Yet more and more facts are coming out that don't match this national narrative. Yesterday, a friend of Mr. Zimmerman, a black man, Joe Oliver, has spoke out in support of his friend. We have learned that a fight took place. Most of the news that sheds more light on the incident is presented by the local media, not the national media. And there will be more information that may be helpful or hurtful to one or both parties.

There is an effort underway that is intended to influence what we think and the outcome of this event. If the facts show that Zimmerman committed a crime, he should be punished. But if the facts show he was defending himself, he should not be punished and allowed to live his life in peace.

But here is what we do know. Racebaters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in Florida making outragious statements and inflaming the issue. The New Black Panthers are making threats and have placed a $1,000,000 bounty on Mr. Zimmerman. All the while investigative agencies from the feds, to the state and local level are investigating the matter to determine what happened.

Mr. Oliver has said he does not believe this is a racial profiling case. He also has said he would be very surprised if the grand jury when the evidence is reported does not come to the same conclusion as the Sanford Police Department.

I first learned of this story from a gun control group email, citing that another concealed handgun permit holder had committed a crime. They have also gone after the "stand your gound" laws like the one in Florida. CBS News' Norah O'Donnell lobbed softballs at anti-rights U.S. Senator Chuck Shumer on whether "Stand Your Ground" laws need to be changed as a result of the Martin shooting.

As with the Duke Lacrosse incident, we are seeing a system breaking down. We are seeing so-called civil rights leaders condemning the society and the New Black Panther Party calling for blood. The mother of the deceased is seeking trademarks on certain phrases associated with calls for justice related to her son. It is possible this was not her idea but that of a lawyer looking for a payday. A hearing is being held today on Capitol Hill and there is talk that legislation is going to be introduced related to the incident. All before we know all the facts. In the end, if it is determined no crime was committed, like with the Duke Lacrosse incident, George Zimmerman's life will be forever changed.

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