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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newsflash to NYTimes Op/Ed Writer Gail Collins: Criminals Don't Obey the Law

Gail Collins wades in to the Trayvon Martin matter with this Op/Ed in today's New York Times, writing how it's nuts to be talking about reducing the number of young people wearing hoodies instead of the number of people carrying handguns.  She takes the customary swipe at politicians cowering before the NRA, writes about how easy it is to get a concealed handgun permit in Florida, then proceeds to aim her verbal barbs at the two versions of the national reciprocity bills currently in under consideration in congress.  It is here where she shows why gun ban proponents have lost favor with the American public.
Senators John Thune of South Dakota and David Vitter of Louisiana have a competing bill that would relieve residents of states like Vermont and Arizona — which don’t require concealed weapons permits at all — from the cumbersome process of actually putting in some paperwork before they tote their handguns to, say, California or New Jersey. Under this one, Jared Loughner, who shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a judge, a small child and four other innocent Arizonans, could have brought his loaded handgun to Times Square.
Here's a newsflash Ms. Collins; nothing is going to keep a criminal like the Arizona shooter from bringing a gun into Times Square with or without national reciprocity - criminals don't obey the law - which is why law abiding folks want to be able to exercise our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.  Most all polling on the issue shows the vast majority of the public agrees we don't need new gun control laws.

Collins apparently thinks she lives in a crime free area because most people can't own a firearm in New York.
Really, just leave us alone. If you don’t like our rules, don’t come here. Is that too much to ask?
Here's a question for Ms. Collins, "Do you really think living in New York City is safer than living in Virginia?"

Don't worry, I have no intention of going to New York. 

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GunPoliticsNY said...

Yes, she really believes NYC is safer than VA.