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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

House to Pass Bill Repealing Handgun Rationing, Senate Likely to Follow Thursday

If all goes as scheduled, today, the House of Delegates will pass HB 940, a bill that would repeal Virginia's almost 20 year-old handgun rationing bill, and the State Senate will have the opportunity to follow on Thursday to pass SB 323, The Senate vote is expected to be close. The House vote is almost a foregone conclusion. But, if the Senate does pass SB323, Virginians are assured of the repeal of this worthless law as Governor McDonnell has stated numerous times that he would sign a repeal of the law.

In other action taking place in the General Assembly today, the in addition to SB 323, the State Senate will have on second reading today SB 4 (Castle Doctrine), and SB 67 (repealing fingerprinting of first-time CHP applicants).

In the House, in addition to HB 940, HB 22 (a bill that would restrict compensated confiscation-gun buyback- schemes) is scheduled for final passage.

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