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Monday, February 13, 2012

Gun Ban Lobby Urges Governor to Veto Repeal of Handgun Rationing

No real surprise here.  The Virginia Center for Public Safety sent this email today shortly after the State Senate passed HB 940, the House bill that repeals Virginia's handgun rationing law.  The email tells the group's supporters and now they need to contact Governor McDonnell and urge him to veto the bill:
Your efforts to defeat that legislation in the Senate were heroic and much appreciated, but we lost a very close 21-19 vote after Democratic Senators John Edwards and Creigh Deeds defected to the NRA's side.
The bill, HB 940, is now moving to the desk of Governor Bob McDonnell.  This will be our last opportunity to stop this dangerous legislation!
Just for the record, Senators Edwards and Deeds couldn't "defect" because they were never on the side of the gun ban lobby. Both senators have a long standing position supporting repeal of "one gun-a-month."

Please thank Senators Edwards and Deeds for standing with law abiding gun owners and voting to repeal this unnecessary  infringement of our rights.  When the bill is signed by the Speaker and the President of the Senate, VSSA will alert members to contact the Governor and urge him to keep his promise and sign the legislation.

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