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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Governor McDonnell to Act Today on Repeal of Handgun Rationing

Gov. Bob McDonnell has until midnight tonight to act on HB 940, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter's bill that would repeal the Virginia's handgun rationing .  The Times Dispatch reports the Governor is expected to sign the bill.
McDonnell said on WTOP radio in Washington this morning that he'll make an announcement later today about the measure.
Over the weekend, the Governor heard from families of vitims of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.  They urged him to veto the bill.

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Truth and Freedom said...

Great news in Richmond today

In 1993, Virginia legislators copied a one-gun-a-month statute enacted in South Carolina in 1975. South Carolina repealed its gun rationing law in 2004. Only three states -- California, Maryland and New Jersey -- have such ridiculous statutes now.

The Virginia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 323/House Bill 940 and Governor McDonnell sign them into law today (taking effect on July 1) to repeal a statute that only affects and penalizes law-abiding citizens since criminals, by definition, violate laws — especially silly gun control laws.

Since when did it become the role of government to dictate to law-abiding citizens an arbitrary amount of a legal product they may purchase in an arbitrary period of time. This issue is less about firearms and more about freedom versus a Nanny State. Should government determine and decide our needs?