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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Antis Raise Ohio School Shooting In Comments on Repeal of One Gun-a-Month

The local gun ban lobby can't help but use a tragic shooting for political purposes.  This AP report asked several gun control activists for comments in response to Govenror McDonnell's signing HB 940.  Here is a sampling of what they got:
Goddard, president of the Virginia Center for Public Safety, reserved his harshest criticism for legislators who passed the bill.

"They have not learned a damn thing," Goddard said. Alluding to Monday's school shooting that left three students dead in Ohio, Goddard said: "Here we are watching kids dying in other states, and we're going to be a purveyor of firearms for other states."
Delegate Limgamfelter, the sponsor of HB 940, got it exactly right:
"I think Virginians deserve effective laws, and one handgun a month has been overtaken by technology and improved background checks," he said. "Criminals don't go into gun stores, stand there in the bright light, hand over their driver's license and stand there and wait for the vendor to see if they have a criminal record."
He added: "If you really want to get after gun crime, you get after people who use guns illegally. You don't punish law-abiding citizens."
Thank you Governor McDonnell for keeping your promise and repealing this unnecessary and ineffective law.

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