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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pro-Gun Bills Sent Back to Senate Courts

As the State Senate began today's session, Senate Majority Leader and Senate Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Tommy Norment had SB4 (Castle Doctrine), SB323 (repeal of handgun rationing), and SB67 (removal of the option for localities to fingerprint CHP applicants) recommitted to the committee.  After discussions with Senator Norment, he said it was a procedual move due to proxy votes being cast for members who were not on the Capitol grounds at the time the votes were cast.  The state senate allows members to vote in committee by proxy because they may have meetings that overlap, but you must be on Capitol grounds for the votes to be allowed.  Apparently, two members who had proxy votes cast were not at the Capitol.  The bills will have new votes but there will be no rehearing (meaning the public will not get a second shot at speaking for or against the bills), likely on Monday.

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