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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

McDonnell Cautious on Campus Gun Ban, Reiterates Support for Repealing Gun Rationing

The Roanoke Times reports this morning that Governor Bob McDonnell said while he would have to see the legislation, at this time he would not be inclined to sign a bill banning colleges from prohibiting firearms on campus.
"There is some legitimate debate about whether an armed citizenry can stop problems, whether it's on a college campus or any other venue, but I'd have to see what the law looks like," McDonnell said.

"I would not be inclined to support that kind of legislation."
The Governor noted he doubts such legislation is likely to pass the General Assembly this year.  But he also had good news for gun owners by restating his support for repealing Virginia's handgun rationing law.
McDonnell said Tuesday that he remains supportive of another gun rights priority. The governor said he would sign a bill to repeal the state's one-gun-per-month limit on handgun purchases if lawmakers send it to him. McDonnell voted for the restriction as a legislator two decades ago because of concerns about "guns-for-drugs traffic" between Virginia and the Northeast.

But McDonnell said the state has since enacted additional measures to address those concerns "without having an arbitrary volume restriction on firearms."
The General Assembly convenes on January 11 and repealing handgun rationing is VSSA's top priority.

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