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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

General Assembly Convenes Today

The 2012 Session of the Virginia General Assembly convenes at noon today.  A few firearm related bills have been prefiled but expect more to follow in the coming days.  So far the list includes:

HB 20 Emergency Services & Disaster Law; shall not be interpreted to prohibit carrying, etc., of firearms.

HB 22 Firearms; disposition thereof acquired by localities. This bill prohibits localities from participating in compensated confiscation schemes (gun buybacks) without the governing body enacting an ordinance authorizing the activity.  A similar bill passed a couple of years ago but was vetoed by Governor Kaine.

HB 25 Concealed handgun permits; confidentiality of permittee information.

HB 26 Concealed handgun permit; failure to produce upon demand of a law-enforcement officer, penalty.

HB 91 Higher educational institutions; possession of concealed handguns by faculty members.

HB 139 Concealed handguns; persons who may lawfully carry hidden from common observation, penalty.
This is the s"Constitutional Carry" measure.  It retains the permit option for those who still wish to obtain a permit (i.e. so they can carry in states that have reciprocity with Virginia's permit).

HB 172 Hunting; knowingly trespassing while carrying a firearm, penalty.

HB 237 Criminal history record information checks upon handgun purchases; dissemination of information.

HB 288 Courthouses; exception from prohibition against carrying weapon for city and county treasurers. This bill allows city and county treasurers to carry in courthouses while on duty.

HB 375 Firearms; workplace rules by localities. This is a limited "Parking Lot" bill that prohibits localities from prohibiting their employees from storing their firearm in their locked vehicle while at work.

VSSA's priorities this session are repeal of handgun rationing and enacting Castle Doctrine.  There will be other bills that VSSA will be lobbying for passage and it is expected there will be a few anti-rights bill.  But the pro-freedom forces will be playing offense again this year while the anti-freedom crowd will be forced to play defense.  It will be a very active session.

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