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Thursday, December 1, 2011

ATF Retaliates Against Whistleblowers

There are supposed to be laws that protect "Whistleblowers" but that does not seem to bother ATF or Eric Holder and his cronies at the U.S. Department of Justice. While protecting those who knew of and likely approved of the fatal scheme known as Fast and Furious, the individuals who put it all on the line to bring the story to public light after the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, are being subjugated to meaningless jobs, and in one case, fired.

Case in point, he said, is field agent John Dodson. Dodson uprooted his family from Virginia in 2010 to join a new elite anti-gun trafficking group in Phoenix, known as Group 7. Dodson quickly witnessed what was wrong and loudly voiced his objections to Voth and Newell.

Management reassigned Dodson to weekend duty and the wire room, a relatively boring job monitoring telephone traffic and subordinate to junior agents. Soon thereafter, Dodson was temporarily assigned to another group for an additional menial assignment, until ultimately sent to an FBI Task Force, completely away from the ATF, even turning off his ATF building access pass.
Not only that, Holder scolds a Daily Caller coorespondant for daring to ask a question about calls for his resignation after a press event at the White House on Tuesday where the Administration was touting Department efforts to stop Intellectual Property crimes, for reporting calls for his resignation.

Holder apparently is not having a lot of fun these days.

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