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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holder on Fast and Furious

CQ Roll Call's Daily Briefing reports that Attorney General Eric Holder had this to say about Fast and Furious while testifying at Senate Judiciary today:
HOLDER’S TAKE: The arms-for-drug-traffickers sting effort known as Operation Fast and Furious was flawed from beginning to end “must never happen again,” Holder told Senate Judiciary this morning, but the attorney general declined to discuss in public the Justice Department’s plans for disciplining or reassigning the officials involved. Holder defended his actions, which include asking for an inspector general’s inquiry of his own involvement. But that did not ward off a sharp and testy exchange with top panel Republican Chuck Grassley, who has been leading the criticism of the Mexican drug cartel investigation and the use of the controversial “gun-walking” tactic.
When Senator John Cornyn of Texas gave Holder a chance to apologize to the family of Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry for the fatal scheme causing Terry's death, he basically avoided the question.

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