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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canvass of 17th District Votes Continues

Local registrars in the 17th District will continue the canvass of votes cast Tuesday and according to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star web site, the process should be complete today.  Localities will then certify their results and turn them in to the State Board of Elections.

Part of the canvassing process is determining what to do with Provisional Ballots - ballots cast by individuals who said they were registered to vote but were not on the voter roll when they showed up at their precinct.
According to Donald Palmer, secretary of the state Board of Elections, localities in the 17th have about 100 to 150 provisional ballots to tally. Palmer said he wasn’t surprised by that number.
State certification of the results will not be done until November 28.  If the margin between the Bryce Reeves and Senator Edd Houck remains at 1 percent or less of the total votes cast, the loser has 10 days to ask for a recount. If the margin is a half-percent or less, the candidate doesn’t have to pay for it.

We don't have to wait until November 28.  If Houck continues to trail after the canvass is complete, and either does not gain votes, or his margin of defeat grows, he could exercise the option that former U.S. Senator George Allen chose in 2006 when he narrowly lost to James Webb - he can concede the race, and let Reeves begin the transition process to take office in January.

It remains to be seen what the end result will be, and it could be December before we know the final outcome.

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