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Friday, October 28, 2011

@BenLoyola Clear Choice in Virginia's 6th Senate District

Gun owners living in the 6th Senate District in Tidewater and the Eastern Shore of Virginia have a clear choice in this year's election.  That choice is Republican challenger Ben Loyola. Incumbent Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk) opposed repeal of Virginia's ban on self defense in restaurants like Applebees and Olive Garden, and wants to end gun shows as we know them by requiring background checks on private sale of firearms. He also opposes allowing college students who possess concealed handgun permits the right to protect themselves on campus.  Northam earned a "D" NRA-PVF rating for his voting record on issues important to gun owners.  Ben is a Life Member of the NRA and his web site gives even more insight on his view of freedom:
Ben and his wife Gretchen go shooting at the local gun range every Saturday night after church. They call this, “God and Country Night”. 
If you live in the 6th Senate District, please contact Ben's campaign and offer to help in these last couple of weeks of the campaign.

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