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Monday, July 11, 2011

Juan Williams Targets GOP for Focusing on Fast and Furious Instead of Mexican Drug War Deaths

In an opinion piece in this morning's The Hill, Juan Williams (formerly of NPR and now full-time Fox News contributor) chastises Republicans for focusing on what he refers to as a "distraction," ATF's Fast and Furious scandal, and not giving enough attention to what he believes is the real issue across the border.
The daily horror of mass murder in Mexico hit the U.S. Congress last week in the form of scandal. Sadly, the scandal is not about the incredible loss of life in the drug wars. Instead, Republicans in Congress are busy targeting their least favorite member of the Obama cabinet, Attorney General Eric Holder.
Williams has covered the drug wars in Mexico for Fox News, so I don't doubt that he truly believes what is going on across the border is a tragedy.  He seems to share gun owners outrage that a government agency would allow guns to walk across the border into the hands of the cartel.
It is offensive to think an American government agent would hand out firearms to the drug gangs even if they thought it would help build a case they could prosecute.

ATF Director Kenneth Melson testified to Issa’s committee last week that he did not know the ATF would be unable to track the firearms.

Which is more troubling: that the head of the ATF knew this was going on or that he didn’t know?
The difference is Williams, who has expressed support for gun control in the past, apparently does not believe the failed program rises to the level of a full blown congressional investigation.

Williams should pose the same question about Eric Holder that he rhetorically asks about Melson.  Harry Truman used to say, "The Buck Stops Here."  Many believe that an operation of the type of Fast and Furious does not get authorized without knowledge from higher up.  Maybe Williams should consider that Congressman Issa believes that Holder is ultimately responsible for what happens on his watch.

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