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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gun Banners and Terrorists

Since someone stumbled across an Internet video earlier this month that urged terrorists to purchase guns at gunshows, the anti-rights newspaper editors and columnists have done all they can to get the country exercised about the so-called "Terrorist Loophole."  According to the gun ban lobby, this is the supposed loophole that allows people on the FBI "Terrorist Watchlist" to purchase a gun, eventhough they can't board an airplane.

NYT: When a Terrorist Wants to Buy

The part of the story these people don't tell is not everyone on that list is a terrorist or someone with terrorist ties. The late Senator Edward Kennedy was once on the list as was Congressman John Lewis.  No one other than the FBI knows how a name gets on the list, nor can anyone tell you how to get a name off that was included by error. So, before someone's civil rights are taken away, they should at least be convicted of a crime.

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