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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gun Owners Need to Put Rights as First Priority in 2012

The anti-rights media is all a twitter about various references to what may await gun owners if President Obama is re-elected next year. Among them is the Washington Post who, like others, continually point to the fact that Obama signed legislation allowing firearms in national parks as proof that gun owners have nothing to fear. What they don't tell you is that item was a rider on a bill that the president wanted which is why the bill was chosen as the vehicle for the measure in the first place.

NRA tries to keep gun issues alive in 2012 presidential race - The Washington Post

The anti-rights media knows that a re-elected Obama has no further elections to win, may appoint one or more supreme court justices, and will most likely use the regulatory process to do what he cannot do legislatively, as he did with EPA rules related to carbon dioxide.

It is in the best interest of gun owners to put our rights at the top of our list of priorities when we vote in 2012.

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