Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More on Tim Kaine's Senate Campaign Announcement

Roll Call weighs in this morning.
The announcement came one day after President Barack Obama, who appointed the former Virginia governor to lead the DNC in 2009, announced his re-election campaign for president. Kaine is scheduled to hold a media availability Wednesday morning in Richmond to discuss the race.
Roll Call pointed out that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been working for weeks to tie Kaine to Obama and Congressional Democrats, who suffered significant losses in the 2010 cycle.  It should be noted that Kaine did not mention President Obama or mention his DNC job in his announcement video.   Nor did he mention his support for those policies that caused the problems to which he referred now grip Washington. Expect Republicans to remind Virginia voters of those close ties in Kaine's immediate past.

And look for VSSA to remind gun owners of Kaine's past support for gun control and his vetos of important pro-rights legislation while he was governor.

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