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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Michael Paul Williams Misses the Point

Where do I start?  The below screed from Richmond Times Dispatch commentator (I refuse to refer to him as a reporter because most all of his articles are slanted to his point of view) Michael Paul Williams is so filled with hate toward gun owners and out right ignorance of the issue of self-defense,  I almost hesitate to include the video in the post.  But it is good to see and hear how our opponents view us and how they present themselves.

His disdain for gun owners and the NRA seeps out with every word. But his comment about anyone needing to carry a firearm to their church service for protection might want to consider finding another church illustrates just how ignorant he is. It's not that a person feels the need to defend himself against a member of his or her church, it's about protecting yourself and fellow congregation members from wackos like this and this.

In related news, anti-rights State Senator Don McEachin said yesterday that he would fix this with legislation next year.

McEachin says places of worship should not have to put up signs specifically banning weapons from their premises. He also suggests the Attorney General is ruling via "fiat," because the General Assembly refused to consider a bill that would have loosened the law regarding guns in church.
Sadly, the response of people like Williams and McEachin is predictable.

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