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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kaine Chooses Trusted Hands to Staff Campaign

Tim Kaine, who announced earlier this week that he would seek the Democratic nomination to run for Jim Webb's soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat, has chosen folks he knows well to run his campaign.

This from RollCall Politics:
Some of them have experience running against former Sen. George Allen, who was defeated in 2006 and is heavily favored to win the GOP nomination and face Kaine in the general.
These trusted pols include Pete Brodnitz who will once again be Kaine’s polling director. Brodnitz has worked with Kaine since his successful 2001 lieutenant governor campaign, and he worked on the successful 2006 campaign of now Senator Jim Webb that upset then Senator George Allen.  David Eichenbaum and Karl Stuble will be be Kaine's media consultants.  They worked on both of Kaine’s previous statewide campaigns.  Mo Elleithee is back as a Senior Advisor to Kaine.  Elleithee served as communications director for Kaine in 2005 and press secretary for Senator Mark Warner’s 2001 gubernatorial campaign.  Elleithee also ran the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s independent expenditure effort against Allen in 2006.

Kaine will be a formidable candidate and he has assembled a campaign team that will give him an opportunity to win.  He has never lost an election, but unlike 2005, he now has an extensive record - first as governor and also as head of the DNC, pushing some of the most unpopular policies of President Obama. 

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