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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hysteria Over Cuccinelli Cuccinelli Carry in Churches Opinion Borders on Ridiculous

And this Fredericksburg Free Lance Star blog post by editorial cartoonist Clay Jones is a perfect example.
I believe in the Second Amendment, but the gun worship in this country just goes overboard at times.
One reader comment posted in response had it right; all you have to do is Google "Church Shootings" to see why some would consider carrying their self-defense firearm to their place of worship.

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Mike Wilburt said...

What is being missed is what Cuccinelli was asked to do.

The AG was simply asked if it was LEGAL, under Virginia statute and the Constitution, to carry a concealed firearm in church (assuming, of course that the carrying party had a CCW premit).

Cuccinelli did not make a policy decision. He gave a legal opinion based on existing law in the Commonwealth.

From all the noise, you would think Cuccinelli MANDATED that weapons be MUST carried into church.

He also reiterated Virginia law which provides the right of private property owners to bar the carrying of firearms on their private property.

If the church hierarchy chooses to disallow carrying on premises, they can do that.

What the hell is all the fuss about?