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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Could ATF Agent Cooperation Bring Down ATF Leadership, Others?

On Sunday, Dave Workman, the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner wrote about how Phoenix Assistant Special Agent in Charge George Gillett was, through and in conjunction with his attorney, “cooperating with” Grassley’s investigation of ATF’s Project Gunrunner.  Gillett may be cooperating because he feared he was about to be "thrown under the bus" by ATF higher-ups.

Workman writes that Gillett's cooperation now is "steeped in hypocrisy."
It was Gillett’s name that surfaced early in Grassley’s investigation, in a Jan. 31 letter the senator wrote to Melson, posted here by my colleague, David Codrea. In that letter, Grassley wrote, “I understand that Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) George Gillette of the ATF’s Phoenix office questioned one of the individual agents who answered my staff’s questions about Project Gunrunner. ASAC Gillette allegedly accused the agent of misconduct related to his contacts with the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Workman continues now it is Gillett who is talking to the committee, and Grassley is covering him with the same whistleblower protection he gave the agent Gillett allegedly confronted. The irony is overwhelming.

Workman spoke with NRANews' Cam Edwards about the article on Monday night's Cam and Company program.

Without the hard work of Dave Workman, David Codrea and CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson none of this information would have seen the light of day.

Hat tip to Cam Edwards and NRANews

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