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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anti-gun Kaine Formally Announces Campaign for Senate

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports this afternoon that former Governor Tim Kaine has officially announced his entry into Virginia’s 2012 U.S. Senate race.
The Democratic National Committee chairman and former governor tweeted “I’m running!” and included to a link to a video in which he makes it official.
Kaine had said for weeks that he would rather not seek elected office, say that “being a legislator is not the best way for me to serve others right now.”

President Obama met with Kaine and urged him to seek the seat, though (as Obama seems to do a lot) he said it was not his decision to make.  Kaine will likely have no opposition for the nomination which means he can begin raising money now and saving it for the general election.

Kaine is no friend to gun owners.  While he signed some legislation supported by gun owners when he was governor, he twice vetoed legislation to allow carrying concealed handguns in restaurants like Applebees and Olive Garden that serve alcohol in addition to food.  He also vetoed legislation that would have allowed a person who may lawfully possess a firearm to carry a handgun in a private motor vehicle or boat if the handgun is locked in a container or compartment.  Both pieces of legislation were signed into law by Governor McDonnell last year.

Kaine also vetoed legislation that would have allowed active duty service members of the United States Armed Forces or the Virginia National Guard to purchase more than one handgun within a 30-day period, legislation that would have required localities operating compensated confiscation schemes (so-called gun buy-backs) to sell by public auction, or sealed bids, to a person licensed as a dealer, any firearms acquired through the schemes.
Finally, Kaine vetoed legislation that made it clear that the training required to apply for a concealed handgun permit could be completed online or other electronic format.  Fortunately, the House and Senate overrode that veto.  

On the Republican side, former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen must get by tea party activist and former Allen staff member Jamie Radtke and Hampton Roads attorney David McCormick with several other other conservatives circling in the water.  Those include Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and Delegate Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William.  Most observers believe that if Allen has more than one opponent for the Republican nomination, that the anti-Allen vote will be split and he will win the nomination.  Allen's pro-rights credentials are impeccable and he would be a reliable ally of gun owners and sportsmen.

You can watch Kaine's announcement below.

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