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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VSSA Strongly Supports Governor's Amendments to Air Rifle Bill, Family Firearm Bill

Earlier this month, Governor McDonnell signed four bills supported by VSSA.  Today, amendments recommended by Governor McDonnell were posted on the LIS and he has recommended amendments to HB1422, a bill that adds one family firearm, not to exceed $3,000 in value, to the list of items that every householder shall be entitled to hold exempt from creditor process in bankruptcy. The Governor also recommended an amendment to SB 757, the "Air Rifle" bill that prohibits a locality from adopting an ordinance that prohibits the shooting of pneumatic guns on private property, with permission of the owner of the property, if reasonable care is taken to prevent a projectile from crossing the bounds of the property.

The Governor's amendent to HB1422 is a minor clarifying amendment and VSSA supports the change.  The amendment to SB757 is a great improvement to the language related to the invalidation of  previous ordinances, and VSSA strongly approves of the Governor's recommendation.  Please contact your delegate and senator and urge them to support the Governor's recommendations to both bills when the Assembly reconvenes on April 6.

The bills signed into law by Governor McDonnell:

House Bill 1552 :Amends the language relating to the issuance of de facto concealed handgun permits. Current law states that if a court does not issue a permit or find that the applicant is disqualified, within 45 days of receipt of the application, the clerk is to certify the application and send it to the applicant. The certified application then serves as a de facto permit until the actual permit is issued or the applicant is found to be disqualified. The bill states that the clerk must mail or e-mail the certified application to the applicant within five business days of the expiration of the 45-day period.  Also, a friendly amendment added to HB 1552 will now provide delivery of the certified temporary application by electronic mail.

House Bill 1856: Allows a concealed handgun permit holder to obtain a replacement permit in the event that the original permit is lost or destroyed. The permit holder would be required to submit a notarized statement to the clerk of the court that the permit was lost or destroyed and pay a fee not to exceed $5, and the clerk would be required to issue a replacement permit within 10 business days. The replacement permit will have the same expiration date as the original permit.

House Bill 1857: Clarifies that a member of the military may provide permanent orders assigning him to the Pentagon for purposes of providing documentation of residency when purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer.  It corrects a problem caused by the federal government where some military personnel who are attempting to purchase a firearm in the Commonwealth are being turned away because their permanent duty orders have assigned them to the Pentagon, which lists its official address in Washington, D.C., despite being located in Virginia. HB 1857 will clarify existing law and include the permanent orders to the Pentagon as criteria for required documentation of residence.

Senate Bill 1213/House Bill 1501: Provides that the State Board of Elections, in cooperation with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, will make mail voter registration application forms available where hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

Please email the Governor and thank him for signing the above bills.

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