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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Webb Says No to Second Term

U.S. Senator Jim Webb announced today that he will not seek a second term.  This likely puts another state up for grabs as a GOP pick-up and will put an end to talk of a vaunted Allen-Webb rematch.  There has been speculation for months that Webb might not seek re-election.  Had he sought a second term, he most likely would have made a strong case for an NRA endorsement, though he did vote for both of President Obama's Supreme Court Nominees - Sotomayor and Kagan.

Webb's departure makes it more likely that former Senator George Allen can claim the mantle of the only candidate with a proven record of supporting the rights of law abiding gun owners.  Even before Webb's announcement, there has been talk on political circles that former DNC Chairman and failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe would shift gears from another expected run for governor to the U.S. Senate race should Webb bow out.  Because of his ability to self fund, McAuliffe will be considered the front runner for the Democratic nomination.

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