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Thursday, February 3, 2011

WAVY TV Gets it Wrong on Concealed Handgun Permits

There are so many things wrong with this WAVY News 10 story that aired this morning, I don't know where to begin.  This morning's story set up another report that will run tonight.

First, Virginia does not issue "Concealed Weapons Permits" we issue "Concealed Handgun Permits."  Second, you did not have to have "hands on" training or touch a firearm prior to being issued a permit even before last year's law clarifying online training met the requirements of the statute.  A number of firearms safety training met the requirement, including hunter safety courses.  So, online training changed nothing in this respect. 

It goes without saying that VSSA promotes the safe handling of firearms and urges anyone considering applying for a CHP to receive the training that appropriately prepares them for the responsibility that goes along with the permit.  Carrying a firearm is not something to be taken lightly and it is not something to be done without some careful thought of the consequences should one have to use it.  Further, it is something that requires regular practice to insure that one is always prepared in the event they may actually have to use the firearm in self defense.  The folks I know that have a permit spend regular time at the range.

Finally, this whole report makes it sound like a large majority of people with a permit have taken advantage of the online training.  I would like to see their data if they have something to support that hypothesis.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt, after almost a year of the law being in affect that makes it clear online training is acceptable to meet the training requirement, I am not aware of anyone who received their permit after such training, having used the firearm to harm another person.

If these reporters would take the time to also speak to someone who actually knows what they are talking about when it comes to Virginia's firearm laws, their stories may be a little more accurate.  I don't expect tonight's promised story on what Virginia's gun laws mean to surrounding states to be any more accurate than this morning's story but I can't wait to watch so I can pick it apart too.

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