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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sussex County Planning Commission Rams Through Ordinance Proposal

The Sussex County Planning Commission met last night and rammed through their proposal to make it very difficult to open and operate a shooting range in the county.  Among the proposals that will go before the Board of Supervisors are restrictions on the caliber of rifle that can be fired (nothing larger than .45 - except blackpowder), ranges will not be allowed to be open on Sunday, ranges must have a person at the range anytime it is in use who has been trained in CPR and basic first aid, and a number of burdensome requirements that would basically make anyone planning to open a new range decide not to do so because of the preconditions.  While there is a grandfather clause, if an existing range decided to expand, they would likely lose their grandfathered status.

These rules stand to have an adverse impact on the Airfield Shooting Club located in Sussex as well as Sussex Shooting Sports which is a sporting clay range in the county.

The proposal now goes before the Board of Supervisors.  In 2009, the Board denied a proposal related to shooting ranges brought forward by the planning commission.  VSSA will be working to insure these proposals meet a similar fate.  Look for an alert in the near future when the restrictions are placed on the Board agenda.

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