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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Norfolk County Rifle Range BUG Match

On Saturday January 29th, Norfolk County Rifle Range (NCRR), held a BUG match. For those unfamiliar with the term, a BUG gun is a "Back Up Gun". It’s the gun that a lot of folks carry and very seldom have to shoot except when practicing at the range. This match gives those folks a chance to try out their skills in a competitive format with their carry gun. If you have a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) this is the time to try out that pistol and find out just how skilled you are with your carry gun. The BUG matches are simple. 

Shooters Checking in
All Course of Fire (CoF) for the Back-Up Gun Division must be limited to five (5) rounds maximum per string (no reloads on the clock) to allow autos and revolver shooters to compete equally.
Handguns permitted for use in this division must:
  1. Be single or double action.
  2. Be either pistol or revolver.
  3. Be .32 auto or larger.
  4. Maximum (total) number of rounds that may be loaded into the handgun is five (5).
  5. Have a barrel length:
  • Semi-automatic - 3.8" or less (factory installed cone style barrels with or without a barrel bushing are permitted).
  • Revolver - 2.5" or less.
The match had 8 different courses of fire with the shooter starting at the low ready. The low ready is the pistol in both hands pointed at 45 degree angle from the floor with the finger off the trigger. At the signal, shooters fire 5 rounds at the target in the order prescribed. The score is calculated by the amount of time it took you to shoot as well as the hits or misses on the target. These are added together and the total is the shooter's score.

The Course of Fire
NCRR had a total of 49 nine shooters participate and from the comments, every one had a great time. Ron Reiner was the match Director and George Hartsell was the Match Administrator.  John Card was in charge of running the match. The club had great group of range Safety Officers.  Without their hard work, the match could would not have been possible.
When is was all over the club awarded 10 trophies.

Gold 1st Place  - Jim Jones, 2nd Place - Matt Babb, 3rd Place - Frank Lindasy, 4th Place - John Card and 5th Place- Ryan Johnson.
Silver 1st Place - Raymond Martinez, 2nd Place - Chuck Wilkinson, 3rd Place - Jamie Wilborn.
Bronze 1st Place - David Hall, 2nd Place -Mike Cudnik.

Thanks to George Hartsell for writing this report to share with our readers.

Note: NCRR is a 100% VSSA membership club.  Their support of VSSA is greatly appreciated.

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