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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kaine First Choice of Virgina Democrats to Replace Webb

Former anti-gun Democrat Governor Tim Kaine still hasn't made up his mind, but if attendees, or those who spoke from afar, at this past weekend's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner had their way, Tim Kaine would be running.  Or at least those that Roll Call Politics caught up with at the event.
There was nothing subtle about the speeches from the podium Saturday night as Democrat after Democrat made the case for Kaine. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) did not mince words in a recorded video message to the party, "It is my hope that my friend of 30 years ... Tim Kaine decides to run for the seat."

"I hope Tim Kaine will do it. He gets first dibs," state Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple said.

State Sen. Donald McEachin summed it up: "Everyone is waiting on Tim."
Folks who know Kaine believe he really does not want to run, but with the state Democratic bench being filled with only those who have lost an election or primary in the last two years, Kaine is the only one who can say he has not lost recently.   Kaine can also count on a strong Obama effort to once again try and carry the Commonwealth in 2012.  But, Kaine also knows that the party that wins Virginia in the presidential race will likely be the same party that wins the senate race.  Does he really want to give up a year and a half to campaign for himself when he can spend it campaigning around the nation?

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