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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jim Geraghty On Tim Kaine's Indecision on Webb's Senate Seat

Knowing this:

Kaine spoke by phone with President Barack Obama last week about a potential Senate bid in Virginia. And the President told television station WWBT in Richmond, Virginia that he thinks Kaine "would be a great senator from Virginia if he chose to do that."
The conventional wisdom is that the White House is pressuring Kaine to run to keep the seat in party hands, but a source with knowledge of the situation tells CNN that the White House is giving Kaine space on this decision and that there's "no arm twisting at any level."
Jim is probably correct:
Obama's made his sales pitch, and Kaine is still undecided. I think we can conclude that if he really wanted to run, he would have announced by now.
I've written before that Kaine genuinely likes Richmond.  The fact that he is not jumping up and down to run tells me that he does not have the "fire-in-the-belly" for this one.

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