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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Results of Tonight's Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee 1 Meeting

Below are the results of tonight's Milita, Police, and Public Safety Subcommittee 1 meeting:

Bills that VSSA Supports:
HB1411 Reckless handling of firearms; revocation of hunting license - Reported 3-0 with amendement, 2 not voting
HB1552 Concealed handgun permits; amends language relating to issuance of de facto permits -  Reported 3-0 with 2 not voting
HB1699 Restoration of firearms rights; requires audio tape or recording be made of hearing - Reported 4-0 with amendment, 1 not voting
HB1856 Concealed handgun permits; holder may obtain replacement for lost or destroyed permits -Reported 4-0, 1 not voting
HB1857 Firearms; documentation of residence for certain military members - Reported 4-0, 1 not voting
HB 2386 Concealed weapons permit; authorizes person to obtain permit to carry any lawfully possessed weapon - Passed by with letter on a voice vote

Bills that VSSA opposes:
HB1600 Libraries; locality may adopt an ordinance that prohibits firearms, etc., on premises - No action taken this meeting.
HB1813 Handguns; prohibits possession of firearm in Capitol and General Assembly Building - Passed by indefinately (PBI)
HB2005 Firearms shows; promoter shall display materials developed by State Police at entrance - No action taken this meeting.

The bills reported out will now go to the full committee and could possibly be heard tomorrow.

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