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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VSSA Supports Wounded Warrior Hunt

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, a special event was held at the NORVA Hunt Club of Star Tannery, VA. The Virginia Hunter Education Association (VAHEA) held a Wounded Warrior Hunt.  The Stonewall Jackson Chapter 9 of the Disabled American Veterans, Winchester assisted with the hunt.   Parker Bows of Mint Springs, VA, provided crossbows as well as donated a bow to be given to a lucky veteran.  The Hunt Club provided the meals and the hunt was sponsored by VAHEA with additonal financial support from VSSA and NORVA.  In addition, Shenandoah Stone, Jesse Ebron, Lee Turner and John Dunne donated a cross bow to be given to a veteran.

Ten hunters participated including several first time hunters. The afternoon before the hunt the veterans attended a safety class on using and hunting with crossbows then went in the field on Saturday for the hunt.  Unfortunately, due to high winds, deer movement was restricted and no one harvested a deer.  But as we all know, a kill is not what makes a successful hunt.  The veterans all appreciated the opportunity to be in the field and hopefully the first timers will be back again.

Photo Courtesy of VAHEA
The crossbows were won by Toni Hill and Peter Marino but Marino graciously returned it and asked that another name be drawn. Phillip Grillo was the lucky recipient.

Thanks to former VSSA Board Member Dave Thomas for alerting VSSA to the opportunity to support this worthy event.  Hat tip to VAHEA.

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