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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perriello Barnstorms 5th District in 24 Hours

Is is a stunt to get media attention in an uphill race for re-election?  Fifth District incumbent Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello says no.  He may be correct as it probably doesn't take much for the 5th District race to garner attention.  Perriello is near the top of the list of endangered incumbents - one of the few so-called "Blue Dogs" who not only stuck with Obama and voted for Obamacare and "Cap and Trade" but is running on those votes.  CQ Politics noted that the race in this traditionally Republican district which Perriello won in a squeaker at the same time McCain was picking up 59% of the vote in 2008 is being watched by media nationally and even from around the world.

Perriello has become one of the most high profile Democratic freshman in large part because he stuck by his party on controversial votes such as health care reform, despite hailing from a conservative south central Virginia district that he won by the narrowest of margins (fewer than 800 votes) in 2008. Now the Congressman’s re-election bid against state Sen. Robert Hurt (R) is not only garnering national attention but international interest. He was joined at around 4:15 a.m. Monday by a camera crew from Japanese Public Television at the dairy farm that he was touring.
Stunt or not, it is a chance for Perriello to be seen by some people who might not normally show up for a traditional campaign event which is what campaigns should be about.

Among those who seemed to appreciate Perriello’s efforts Monday morning was Floyd resident Jerry Reed, who was having a grilled cheese and pickle sandwich at Dudley’s Truck Stop Restaurant, when the Congressman sat down at his table to talk about the issue jobs.

“He’s a nice fellow,” said Reed, who said he is generally disgusted by all elections and doesn’t think much of Democrats or Republicans. “It helps a lot to meet a man. A man who comes in at 1 in the morning means business.“
Will this be enough for Perriello to overcome what most every poll is showing a solid lead for State Senator Robert Hurt?  We will know in a week.

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