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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama to Attend Rally for Perriello Friday

It was reported that President Obama will attend a rally for embattled incumbent Tom Perriello this Friday.  The rally will take place in Perriello's hometown of Charlottesville, which is one of the few liberal bastions in what is otherwise a pretty conservative rural district.  Charlottesville is also home to the University of Virginia and Obama's intent is to try and rally the "youth vote" that gave him a winning margin in 2008.

The campaign of State Senator Robert Hurt believes the visit will not help Perriello who most polls indicate is trailing Hurt in the race.

"We gladly welcome President Obama to the 5th district as he campaigns on behalf of his favorite Congressman, Tom Perriello," Henneberg said. "His visit will further solidify the idea in the minds of voters that Congressman Perriello has been nothing more than a lap dog for the job killing Obama-Pelosi agenda, representing their interests, not the interests of Central and Southside Virginians.
Perriello is endorsed by the NRA-PVF.  Hurt earned an "A" rating from the NRA-PVF based on his record in the Virginia General Assembly and his responses to the candidate questionnaire.  Hurt is regularly endorsed by NRA in his General Assembly races.

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