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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ODU Student Facebook Group Fights for Campus Carry

WVEC TV 13 is reporting that a group of Old Dominion University (ODU) students want to exercise their right to self-defense on campus after a crime wave near ODU. They have created a Facebook Group to plead their case.

Labor Day weekend, two people were robbed on or near the campus.

Some ODU students started a Facebook page, demanding the right to carry concealed handguns on school property.

One post reads, "We have the right to protect ourselves, especially in the high crime areas near ODU."
The report noted that most students do not meet the age requirement (21) to qualify for a CHP permit. While this might be true at most Virginia colleges and universities, ODU has a large commuter population and is one of those institutions where a student may leave for a semester to work then come back. Given the urban setting of the campus, these students are most vulnerable to being victims of crime and should be allowed to protect themselves.

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