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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Firearms and the Workplace

It seems there is no limit to the gun ban lobby's use of the courts to fight the right to self defense. A Denver Legal Blog details the gun ban crowd's latest legal strategy.

A Nashville server has come up with an interesting strategy to try to reign in the proliferation of guns in public places. The server has filed a complaint with the state alleging that the mixture of guns and bars creates an unsafe work environment. The server, who remains anonymous, works at Jackson's Bar and Bistro. The complaint alleges that it is a violation of Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations to allow permit holders to carry guns into places that serve alcohol, such as Jackson's.
For those unfamiliar with the Tennessee law, the state's legislature repealed the "restaurant ban" in 2009 after overriding the Governor's veto, only to see a A Nashville judge rule that the law allowing concealed carry only in establishments that primarily sold food in addition to alcohol was unconstitutionally vague. In response, the General Assembly passed a new law this year allowing permit holders to carry into any establishment that serves alcohol. The new law allows restaurant owners to post a sign prohibiting firearms.

The post goes on to suggest that Colorado University, should follow the the same strategy in fighting concealed carry on campus.

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