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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rick Waugh and Eric Cantor on the Second Amendment

7th District Democratic Congressional Candidate Rick Waugh appears to be trying to have it both ways on the right to keep and bear arms. He says he believes the Second Amendment protects an individual right but states and cities should be able to pass laws that fit their situation. I wonder if this means Waugh does not support Virginia's preemption statute that forbids cities from passing gun control statutes?

On his campaign web site, Waugh had this reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in McDonald vs. Chicago:

My reaction to McDonald v. Chicago: As an outdoorsman from a military family I understand the importance of responsible gun ownership. Like the President, I believe that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to bear arms. It is important that states, cities, and counties retain some ability to pass commonsense laws that make sense for each individual community. Justice Alito spoke to this concern and some of the law-enforcement communities' concerns in his opinion, but I believe some additional concerns remain

First, gun owners should be suspicious of anyone who starts out with "Like the President" to describe their views on the Second Amendment when the President happens to be Barack Obama. It is well documented that Obama is no friend of gun owners or the 2nd Amendment. In fact, he did not even have his solicitor general submit a brief in McDonald vs. Chicago, a case where an African American was suing the City of Chicago for the right to self defense in his home. Second, Waugh almost repeats word for word the talking points from the Brady Campaign about how local governments need the ability to "pass commonsense laws."

The 7th District has been represented for nine years by Representative Eric Cantor. Cantor has a long history of supporting the right to keep and bear arms, going all the way back to his days in the Virginia General Assembly. He signed the congressional amicus brief in both the Heller vs. DC and McDonald vs. Chicago cases. He set up a web site during the Heller case urging visitors to sign the petition to Save the Second Amendment, and he has an "A" rating from the NRA in each of his elections. Cantor is a candidate gun owners can trust.

Waugh on the other hand has never held office so we can only go by what he says. He uses the language of the antis to describe his views on the Second Amendment. Simply having your picture taken with people wearing "Guns Save Lives" stickers and posting them on your web site does not equate with supporting the Second Amendment. Gun owners should not be fooled and should support the only candidate in the 7th District with a proven track record on the right to keep and bear arms - Eric Cantor.


Rick said...

I was agreeing with Samuel Alito! If that isn't good enough, then it becomes clear that this is not about gun rights, but politics. I support and continue to support the 2nd Amendment. This is a phony issue designed to distract voters from the real problems in this District. If you want to blindly support a candidate because of their party or because they have obliged you favorite corporations with a prime spot at the trough, pick an issue where there is real disagreement and not one that has been settled by the Supreme Court.

Rick E. Waugh, Jr.
Of the People, For the People

VSSA Legislative Chairman said...

Rick, the statement posted on your web site sounded more like what the Brady Campaign put out and said immediately following the decision than a statement of strong support for the right to keep and bear arms. We did not write it, you did. To the contrary, the issue has not been "settled." This was but one additional victory in what will continue to be a long line of law suits challenging local restrictions on the right.

VSSA does not "blindly" support a candidate because of their party. We have endorsed candidates from both parities in the past (Democratic Congressman Rick Boucher and Democratic State Senator Ed Houck to name just a couple). Your opponent has a long record of support for the rights of gun owners and sportsmen on which VSSA's support is based.