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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Menino Can't Enforce the Gun Laws He Has

This isn't Virginia related but it is worth noting because former WRVA (Richmond) radio talk show host Michael Graham has a good Op/Ed in the Boston Herald that demonstrates the hollowness of the "blame guns" crowd.

Here is the story. Three years ago, 8-year-old Liquarry Jefferson was shot and killed by his 7-year-old cousin in Dorchester, Massachusetts. After the incident, Boston Mayor Tom Menino said the incident was the fault of the NRA, because it opposed tougher gun control laws. Never mind that the two boys and Liquarry’s 2-year-old half-sister were upstairs playing with a pistol - unattended - at 11 p.m.

The city ended up charging Liquarry’s mom, Lakeisha Gadson, of recklessly causing the death of her 8-year-old son, by letting an older son stash a loaded gun in their apartment. A jury acquitted her this week of every charge except of misleading the police after the fact, by lying about the circumstances of the shooting.

Graham writes:

Yes, it’s true that Gadson suffered a tragic loss in the death of her son. It’s also true that his death would never have happened without her negligent - in my opinion, criminally negligent - behavior. Justice demands that she be held accountable.

Menino and his best bud Michael Bloomberg are always calling for more gun control laws but the truth is, Menino can't enforce the laws he has. The gun used in this tragic incident was illegally brought into the home by a teen who already had a charge for illegal possession of a firearm.

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