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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alexandria Woman Asks Post Food Critic to Add Gun Rating for Restaurants

You read that right. In Sunday's Washington Post, Tom Sietsema, the paper's food critic, shared some of his reader emails. Among them was this little gem:

"Now that the Commonwealth of Virginia permits unconcealed as well as concealed weapons in establishments serving alcohol, I find myself unwilling to patronize any establishment where guns may be present," writes Catherine Mitchell of Alexandria. "I am terrified by people carrying guns and would certainly not be able to enjoy a meal or cocktail in a restaurant where guns may be present." Her pitch: "I very much appreciate the 'noise level' ratings you now include in your reviews; I am requesting that you also include 'gun' warnings."

To Sietsema's credit, he saw no need for such an addition to his restaurant rating system since restaurant's already can post that firearms are not allowed. Although, if Ms. Mitchell is going to rely on this method, she may be eating a lot of meals at home. The Hospitality Association representative regularly told legislators that her members did not want to post signs as that would indicate a prospective patron was not welcome, in response to their telling her that all they simply had to do was post a no guns sign if they did not want them. I haven't frequented every restaurant in Virginia since the restaurant ban was repealed but the ones I have patroned did not have signs against carry posted. Since open carry was already legal, it is doubtful that many, if any will post.

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Neil said...

Typical ignorant blithering!