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Monday, July 19, 2010

York County to Consider Repeal of Local Firearm Ordinances

You may recall that at its June 15th meeting, the York County Board of Supervisors considered restrictions on discharge of firearms in certain neighborhoods. The County Sheriff went on record prior to that meeting that he thought state law should govern and that York County should repeal its local ordinances. Because that was not on the agenda for consideration, the Board instructed the County Administrator to address the issue for a future meeting. The matter will come up for consideration at the July 20th (tomorrow) meeting.

You can see the proposed repeal here.

You can read the County Administrator's memo to the Board explaining the impact of the repeal here.

Gun owners are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting and let your voice be heard. If you cannot attend, please contact your member of the Board of Supervisors and let him or her know you support the repeal of the local discharge ordanances.

What: York County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Where: Board Room, York Hall
When: 6:00 PM (Public Hearing at 7:00 PM where firearm ordanance issue will be discussed)

Board Contacts:

Find your district here.

DISTRICT 1 - Walter C. Zaremba (757) 253-0477 (home), (757) 890-3328 (voice mail),

DISTRICT 2 - Sheila S. Noll (757) 877-7790 (home), (757) 890-3329 (voice mail),

DISTRICT 3 - Donald E. WigginsChairman (757) 890-2980 (home), (757) 890-3330 (voice mail),

DISTRICT 4 - George S. HrichakVice Chairman (757) 890-3331 (cell),

DISTRICT 5 - Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr., (757) 868-8591(home), (757) 890-3332 (voice mail),

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