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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tom Perriello Underwater

Looks like Tom Perriello is going to be coming off of some of that $2 million war chest in the very near future if a new poll conducted by Survey USA for WDBJ-TV in Danville is correct.

In the poll of 800 registered voters in the district (591 considered to be likely voters), Republican State Senator Robert Hurt defeats incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello 58% to 35%. Disgruntled Republican turned independent Jeffery Clark registers only 4% and as of now, is not a factor.

Perriello only won the seat by 727 votes in 2008, at the same time John McCain was handily winning the district.

I generally take Survey USA polls with a grain of salt, preferring Mason Dixon which has been more accurate in the past. However, Survey USA was on the mark in last year's Governor's election (though it was difficult to be wrong in that campaign). Whether the numbers are as big as the poll indicates, it does show Hurt came out of his rough and tumble primary in good shape and all he has to do now is raise the money to get on TV in the district that sprawls from Charlottesville to the North Carolina border.

This race is going to be fun to watch.

Hat tip to Jim Geraghty.

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