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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cantor and the Tea Party Caucus

Virginia 7th District Rep. Eric Cantor has declined Congressman Michelle Bachmann's invitation to join the Congressional Tea Party Caucus.

"Part of what is so inspiring about the tea-party movement is that it is not structured like a political party and, instead, is a truly organic, grass-roots effort," Cantor said. "The movement was born outside of Washington and includes people of all political stripes -- Republicans, independents and Democrats -- who have come together out of frustration with their government in an effort to force it to change."

As expected, liberal pundits are charging that Cantor's decision shows while he voices support for tea party activists, he doesn't want to be politically associated with them because that brings political risks.

Cantor's reasoning makes sense. The last thing the Tea Party movement needs is to be taken over by a bunch of politicians. While the caucus is an opportunity for legislators to show they have common interests with the grassroots, a better indication is their voting record. There is little doubt, based on his long time legislative record, that Cantor will continue to fight for the principles articulated by the Tea Party activists.

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