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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boucher Releases Ad, Griffith Says it Misleads Voters

The Roanoke Times notes today that Republican 9th District challenger Morgan Griffith says Rick Boucher's campaign ad released yesterday is not completely accurate when it comes to Cap and Trade.

The ad, which can be viewed here, touts Boucher's NRA endorsement, and goes on to claim he:

took on his own party to protect coal jobs in the energy bill.
Griffith pointed out that it is kind of hard to say you took on your party when you voted for a bill that:

will destroy the coal industry, raise electric bills and send more American
manufacturing jobs overseas to China.

The 9th district is another race that bears watching. While Boucher has been a long time fixture in the district, Griffith promises to give him the first real challenge. The current political climate may help Griffith if he is able to raise the money to respond on the airwaves to what is certain to be an advertising carpet bombing by Boucher.

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