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Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is a Sickness in Our Country

That is the theme of Wayne LaPierre's speech. Part of that sickness is Washington's political class failing to enforce current laws or secure our border. A film clip from the NRANEWS staff detailed how the ranchers on the border are protecting their homes and families because the federal government won't.

Wayne talked about the huge number of illegals crossing the border have a criminal record. He then detailed how Arizona passed their own version of federal law to combat the drug cartel kidnappers and killers that are crossing the border. And the Washington political elites are now attacking Arizona for doing what the elites refuse to do.

Wayne talked about rancher Robert Krentz that was killed on his ranch. He was an NRA member as are members of his family. Wayne introduced them to the crowd.

While immigration is not our issue, LaPierre tied it all together by day selective enforcement of immigration laws is tied by selective enforcement of other criminal laws.

After talking about how selective enforcement of the law has made Albany, NY and California less safe.

The sickness he alluded to in the beginning is how not enforcing the law makes us less safe and less secure.

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