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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starbucks in Crosshairs of Gun Control Lobby

Do a Google search for "Starbucks and Gun Control" you will find dozens of newspapers that have picked up this AP article on people exercising their right to bear arms in local Starbucks, and the coffee company actually letting them.

Dale Welch recently walked into a Starbucks in Virginia, handgun strapped to his waist, and ordered a banana Frappuccino with a cinnamon bun. He says the firearm drew a double-take from at least one customer, but not a peep from the baristas.

Welch's foray into the coffeehouse was part of an effort by some gun owners to exercise and advertise their rights in states that allow people to openly carry firearms.

Even in some "open carry" states, businesses are allowed to ban guns in their stores. And some have, creating political confrontations with gun owners. But Starbucks, the largest chain targeted, has refused to take the bait, saying in a statement this month that it follows state and local laws and has its own safety measures in its stores.

I don't usually go to Starbucks, mainly because I can buy coffee cheaper at another merchant the same distance from my office as the nearest Starbucks. But, I give them kudos for following state and local laws in setting policy related to the legal carrying of firearms.

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