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Monday, February 1, 2010

Roanoke Times' Dan Casey Picks Up Chant of Anti-Concealed Carry Crowd

The anti-rights crowd has been on a crusade to tie every mass shooting to a concealed carry permit holder. The script goes something like this; someone commits mayhem with a firearm. Could be a rifle, shotgun, multiple firearms, but not usually a concealed firearm. Then, the anti-rights crowd scours the concealed permit holder lists in the state where the shooter lived to see if he (or she) indeed was a permit holder. Then, the anti-rights crowd sends out a press releasing announcing that this was the (insert the number) mass shooting by a concealed carry permit holder.

Well, our old friend Dan Casey, columnist and blogger for the Roanoke Times has picked up the chant. Dan Casey is the Roanoke Times columnist that thought was constantly taking swipes at Ken Cuccinelli's bill last year that made it clear that the training required to qualify for a concealed handgun permit could be completed electronically.

On the surface, Christopher Bryan Speight, Nidal Malik Hasan and Aaron Poseidon Jackson seem like three very different fellows.

Speight, 39, is a relatively uneducated white guy with no kids who worked as a security guard and lived with his sister's family in Appomattox County.

Hasan, also 39 and raised in Roanoke, is a physician of Palestinian descent and an Army major who was stationed in Texas.

Jackson, who was 24 at the time of his death, lived in a Stafford County trailer home with his two children and their mother. He was black.

One thing the three men have in common is the commonwealth of Virginia issued each of them concealed handgun permits.

His conclusion? After admitting that concealed handgun permit holders commit crimes at lower rates than none permit holders, he uses the actions of the three individuals mentioned above to prove:

Virginia issues concealed carry permits to some total whack jobs.
But it gets better. You see, Casey complains that the bills in the Virginia General Assembly like HB 79 that would completely close the concealed carry permit information to the general public would mean we will no longer know if the next mass murderer had a permit.

Casey and the anti-rights crowd want to promote a political agenda. He as much as admits it with this line:

Trifling facts about mass murderers with handgun permits can be rather inconvenient for gun lobbyists as they attempt to persuade lawmakers to liberalize concealed-carry laws.
Casey and his soul mates in the anti-rights lobby don't like concealed carry so they continue to make non-existent connections between some high profile crimes with the fact that the perps also happened to have permits. It doesn't matter to these folks that there is no connection between concealed firearms and the crimes committed, just that they had permits. But then, facts rarely mean anything to the anti-rights crowd.

Hat tip to VA-Alert.

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